What is a Retinal Exam?

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Sat, 08/24/2019 - 9:00am
Retinal eye exam

A retinal exam is one of the many tests that are performed when you go to your family eye care professional for a comprehensive eye exam. But what is a retinal exam? 

What is a Retinal Exam? 

This test is a way for your eye doctor to assess the back of your eye where your retina, optic disk, and an underlaying layer of blood vessels that nourish the retina resides. When your eye doctor completes the retina exam, they can tell whether or not your eyes are experiencing any issues that require correction. 

A retinal exam can identify eye diseases and find other issues, such as head injuries or brain trauma. 

What to Expect During a Retinal Exam

During a retinal exam the eye doctor will use eye drops to dilate your pupils in order to see the back of your eyes. The eye drops used during this test usually take 15-20 minutes to work. These drops may cause a stinging sensation in the eyes or even cause a medicine taste in your mouth. 

Once your pupils are dilated, the eye doctor will shine a bright light into your eyes to perform the test. 

After this test is performed, your eyesight may be blurry or sensitive for several hours. You can return to normal activities for the day unless your doctor advises you otherwise. Inform your doctor if anything seems out of the ordinary. 

A retinal exam is one component of a comprehensive eye exam. Contact your family eye care professional to schedule an eye exam today.