Visual Field Test

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Visual Field Test

Depending on how long it has been since your last vision testing, the eye care professionals at Pycraft Family Eye Care may recommend you undergo a visual field test. 

What is a Visual Field Test? 

A visual field test is one of the many tests that make up a comprehensive eye exam. Specifically, this test allows your eye doctor to examine how wide your vision is when you focus on a single point.

If you experience any issues seeing objects in your periphery or have any other odd patterns in your vision, this test can help identify those concerns. 

Types of Visual Field Tests

There are a few different types of visual field tests that your eye doctor can perform. One is known as confrontation visual field testing. For this exam, one of your eyes will be covered while your doctor sits or stands across from you. You will then be asked to describe specific items on the far edges of your vision while your eye remains fixed on a central point. Your doctor may hold up a few fingers and ask how many you can see in your side vision. 

If an issue is found or eye disease suspected, additional testing may be required to achieve more comprehensive results.

Why Are These Tests Important? 

Blind spots in your vision can be an early indicator of more serious vision issues. Many eye and brain disorders can cause a loss in your peripheral vision and early detection is crucial. It is important to make sure you regularly undergo comprehensive eye exams, including visual field testing, to stay on top of your eye health. 

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