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Eye Care & Beauty

Proper eye care doesn’t merely extend to your physical eyeball but also includes the skin surrounding your eyes. We have all experienced dark circles, or “bags” under our eyes at some point. But what exactly do dark circles indicate and how can we fix them? 

Most of the time dark circles form from lack of sleep or stress.

Yet there are several other factors that lead us to have dark circles under our eyes. Dark circles — believe it or not — can be hereditary. If you have fair skin, dark circles can actually be the norm, as fair skin is more transparent. This leads the blue tint of blood vessels to show more clearly. Some people with thin skin can also expect similar outcomes. 

Allergies are another reason we get dark circles, as nasal congestion can dilate blood vessels around the eyes, leading to them darkening.

Histamines caused by an allergy attack can also inflame the blood vessels, and rubbing itchy eyes can cause broken blood vessels. Other lifestyle factors such as age, sleep, and diet can lead to dark circles under our eyes. The older we get, the amount of sleep we get each night, or smoking and alcohol consumption can lead to dark circles. 

And our diet can also lead to dark circles. For instance, diets high in salt or caffeine can lead to the factors that create dark circles. 

There are several of the reasons we experience dark circles under and around our eyes are a result of our personal choices and they can be altered to reduce those circles. Results will vary person to person, but there are many different ways to treat dark circles, such as elevating your head when you sleep, getting more sleep drinking more water, and increasing your intake of Vitamins C, E, and Omega-3 fatty acids can help improve your skin’s appearance.