Things to Know Before Switching to Contact Lenses

Many people wear glasses each and every day to aid their vision. Several more wear contact lenses in order to also see properly.

Yet there are differences between the two and therefore things to know and consider before either switching to contacts or starting out with them.

First, consider that contact lenses can cause discomfort or even damage to your eyes if they are not fitted properly. So it’s important for your family eye care to schedule a contact lens exam. An exam will help match the proper contact lens prescription to your specific needs.

Additionally, it’s important to remember that a traditional glasses prescription is not the same as a contact prescription. Eye glasses prescriptions do not include the diameter and base curve factors when properly fitting contacts to your eyes.

Contact lenses these days can be worn while sleeping, playing sports, and engaging in other activities when properly cared for. So it’s vital before switching to contacts to determine how to properly care for you lenses, or decide on daily disposable contacts.

And even people with astigmatisms can wear contact lenses, a common hinderance in the early days of contacts.

If you are considering a switch to contact lenses, please reach out to Pycraft Family Eye Care, your Wooster family eye care professionals.