Taking Care of Your Aging Eyes

Taking Care of Your Aging Eyes

Taking Care of Your Aging Eyes

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Taking Care of Your Aging Eyes

As we age our eyes age too. Aging eyes can lead to more risks for our eyesight and age-related eye issues making it important to take proper care of your eyes. 

Age-related Eye Concerns

Age-related eye issues like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts develop in old age. Additionally, the older we get the more likely we are to have other health issues — such as diabetes — which increase the risk for eye complications. 

Each of these eye disorders leads to a breakdown in our ability to see properly. It is important for individuals over the age of 65 to have annual eye exams in order to catch any eye disorders as soon as possible. Since certain eye disorders are asymptomatic (they have no symptoms) or affect your eyes slowly, an annual eye exam is the only way to identify these issues. 

How Aging Eyes Affect Daily Life

Once your eyesight starts to decline, everyday activities can become more hazardous. Aging eyes can result in the loss of peripheral vision, lead to blurred or hazy vision, and difficulty seeing at night. 

Additionally, eye-related health issues have been linked to falls, which can also become more common as we age. 

What Can You Do?

The older we get the more important our eye care becomes. Make sure to eat a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and the right amount of sleep to help your eyes. 

Most importantly, schedule an eye exam with your family eye care provider.