Make Sure Your Child’s Eyes are Ready for the Fall Sports Season!

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Tue, 11/27/2018 - 9:00am

In order to play and excel at sports, we require our eyes to perform a multitude of tasks simultaneously. Things we take for granted such as hand-eye coordination and depth perception can help us participate in the sports we love. 

Unfortunately, sports present several potential dangers to our eyes if they are not properly protected. 

Children and adults both suffer from sports-related eye injuries, but nearly all of these can be prevented with eye protection. And even if you already wear corrective lenses or contacts, you may be at risk when performing in your favorite sport. 

If you notice your child always seems to be a few steps away from the soccer ball or football, or if they cannot return a serve in tennis there may be an issue with their vision. These issues can be corrected by visiting your family eye care provider. 

But if your child participates in sports, there are several risks to their eyes.

Sports such as racquetball, tennis, or badminton can present risks from the ball or racquets themselves striking your child’s eye. Other contact sports can present risks from pokes or jabs into their eyes from other players. 

Sports goggles and safety glasses can help protect your child from any accidental poke or jab into their eyes. Sports lenses that use polycarbonate provide impact-resistant protection. Other features include UV protection for outdoor sports and can protect your child’s eyesight from excessive exposure to UV radiation.

Some sports lenses can also be attached to a helmet and there are also options if your child needs a corrective prescription to help them see properly. 

When you visit your child’s eye care provider, ask for help deciding on adequate protection for your child’s vision.