Learn More About Your Baby’s Eye Development

When you have a child, there is (obviously) a lot going on. Between taking care of your newborn to altering your daily schedule and adjusting to a lifestyle change things can seem to move extremely fast. In the meantime, there are several things to know about how your child’s eyesight is developing, especially in their first year of life. After your baby is born, he or she initially sees a big, fuzzy world with little delineations for all of the shapes of the world. Instead, your newborn will see mainly dark and light, as they cannot distinguish between shades of color either.

As a result, your baby will be drawn towards things that have a lot of contrast, such as your eyes. Things with contrast will become your baby’s favorite items to stare at. And their optimal range is between 8-14 inches away from them. During their first few months, your baby’s eyesight will begin to develop in a myriad of ways. For instance, his or her eyes will start learning to work together. You may notice your baby’s eyes wandering or going cross-eyed, but this is normal for the first two months or so. If they still wander or are cross-eyed after 3-4 months, they may need to be checked by your family eye care professional for visual or muscular problems.

Your baby’s focus and depth perception will also improve during their first 4 months. This is when you will notice them begin to swipe at toys or manage the distance of toys. They will also watch moving objects with fascination. By five months old, your child will begin to learn colors and even notice small objects. And by 8 months, your child’s vision should be as developed as an adult’s, as they begin to crawl and learn hand-eye coordination.