Kids at Play and Eye Safety!

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Wed, 02/13/2019 - 9:00am
Kids at Play

All parents want their children to be safe growing up. But one serious issue that flies under the radar is the potential risk of children’s toys pose to their eyes. 

Between toy guns, wands, lightsabers, swords, and countless other toys on the market today there is always a risk when our children act out their favorite fantasies or pretend to be their favorite heroes.

Anything toy with a sharp or pointed edge can be a hazard for any child’s eyes. Here are a few simple steps to help them stay safe during playtime. 

For starters, check the packaging on the toys to ensure your child is within the recommended age to use it. Certain toys have age restrictions since they are too complex or delicate to be handled by younger children. Other toys require more hand-eye coordination or are best used by children who understand how to play safely.

If your child falls outside of the recommended age for certain toys, it’s best to wait until they are old enough to play with them appropriately. 

Another way to keep your children’s eyes safe is to check the packaging for potential chemicals used to manufacture them. Certain chemicals are listed because they are dangerous to put in your mouth and if they are too dangerous to consume, they are not good for your eyes either. 

If you have children of different age groups, talk to older siblings to help watch younger children when they are playing.

Also, explain to older siblings how important it is for them to clean up their toys so younger children are not at risk of using them. 

Eye safety is an easy goal to achieve, especially when the entire family is on the lookout!