The Importance of Renewing Your Eyes With Sleep!

Sleep is an important part of everyone’s day. It helps our bodies recover in a variety of ways. So it should come as no surprise that sleep even helps our eyes rejuvenate themselves.

You have probably heard by now that the majority of sleep researchers recommend 7-9 hours of sleep each night to help us feeling well-rested. For our eyes, we need at least 5 hours of sleep to help them recharge each and every day.

During a typical sleep cycle, our eyes can move up to 1,000 degrees per second in the REM phase of sleep. REM, or rapid eye movement, is associated with dreams and it is believed the eyes are toning their muscles during this portion of sleep. But after this stage of sleep, we enter the non-REM phase or deep sleep when our eyes are completely still. This is the stage when it is believed our eyes are recovering.

When we get less than five hours of sleep a night, several vision or eye problems set in. First, dry eyes, red eyes, itchiness, and blurriness can be an issue when we are sleep deprived. Eye spasms can also occur.

Other conditions like anterior ischemic optic neuropathy can be an adult eye care issue for adults with a history of sleep disorders.

And aesthetic issues, such as bags under your eyes, can be an issue when you do not get the proper amount of sleep each night.