The History of Eye Glasses

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Eye glasses today in modern society can be status symbols, signs of wealth or intelligence, or even worn purely as a fashion statement.

But eye glasses have evolved over thousands of year dating back to ancient times.

The first usage of eye glasses actually dates back to Italy in the 13th century, when eye glasses were developed. This evolution followed “reading stones” though which were developed roughly 200 years earlier.

These reading stones were the first time lenses were used to magnify writing, but these stones were set on top of the manuscripts people were reading.

The set of eye glasses developed in Italy, by contrast, was meant to be carried with each individual. The first set of frames with temples were not developed until the 17th century in Spain, with modifications coming from China and England also. It wasn’t until the 1780s when bifocals were invented, after a man named Benjamin Franklin became tired of carrying two sets of glasses around with him.

During Franklin’s time, glasses could help you see close or far, not both.

Franklin merely cut each of his lenses in half and combined them in the same frame to complete his invention (the trifocal would soon follow). Modern family eye care has also evolved over the centuries, along with eye glasses. For family eye care in Wooster, Ohio contact Pycraft Family Eye Care.