Healthy eye tips

Healthy Eye Care Tips

Healthy Eye Care Tips

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Protecting your eyes

UV Protection

Basic eye care tips range from physical to dietary. One easy tip is to wear sunglasses in order to protect yourself from powerful ultraviolet rays (UV). Anytime you are outside it’s important to shield your eyes from UV rays either with sunglasses or eyeglasses with UV protection technology. 

If you suffer from frequent headaches you should not simply ignore them. Constant headaches can be a sign of eye issues and should be checked out. 

Environmental Factors

Perhaps the easiest thing to do for your eyes is to blink. Frequent blinking helps protect your eyes from fatigue and helps moisten your eyes. Environmental factors can lead to dryness or itchy eyes. Healthy eyes need a break from things like TV or smartphone screens. 

Dietary Tips for Eye Health

By adding more Vitamin A to your diet you can help keep your eyes healthy too. Include more dark leafy greens, carrots, and sweet potatoes to supercharge your eyes. Drinking more water and staying hydrated can also have huge benefits. 

Most importantly you should get a regular comprehensive eye exam from your family eye care provider. Annual eye exams can help you catch issues early, or address nagging problems.