Frequently Asked Questions About Eye Sight Answered!

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Sun, 02/17/2019 - 9:00am
Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to our eyes and concerns with our vision, we may have several questions. Here are some common questions aimed at optometrists. 

How often do I need to visit my eye doctor?

If you require corrective lenses or are over the age of 60, it is recommended to visit your family eye care provider every year. For individuals who do not need corrective lenses, you can visit your optometrist every two years. Regardless of the group, you fall in, comprehensive eye exams are important for both your vision and health!

Why can’t I sleep in my contacts?

Contact lenses deprive our eyes of oxygen. When you sleep in them, it further deprives them of much-needed oxygen which in turn makes you more prone to infections. 

What does 20/20 vision mean?

The term 20/20 often is used to describe “perfect” or near-perfect visions. In reality, it helps identify our visual acuity or the sharpness of our vision. The specific fraction details on average what most people are capable of reading at a distance of 20 feet, which is how far you stand from an eye chart when undergoing a vision exam. 

If you have any other questions regarding your eyes or eyesight, it’s best to consult with your optometrist. Contact Pycraft Family Eye Care, your friendly Wooster family eye care experts, to schedule your next eye exam today!