Contact lenses

Finding the Contacts the Work Best for You!

Finding the Contacts the Work Best for You!

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Tue, 07/23/2019 - 9:00am
Contact lenses

Today there are multiple styles of contact lenses. If you are someone who wants to wear contacts, then it’s important to take time finding the best fit for you. 

Common Contact Lenses

Each type of contact lenses is different since they serve multiple purposes. One common type is soft contact lenses. These are made from a mixture of water and a special type of plastic. This mixture allows for oxygen to pass through to your cornea. Soft contacts are more comfortable because they don’t dry out your eyes. 

A stiffer version of contacts is also available. These rigid gas-permeable contacts are made from silicone and are designed to allow oxygen to pass through to your cornea. But they are designed to help people with astigmatisms see better. 

Contacts can also help correct presbyopia, near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and several other issues. 

Other Qualities to Consider

There are other considerations with contacts based on your usage. Contacts can be disposable and worn only a single time before they are thrown out. Daily disposables require no additional cleaning materials since they can only be worn once. Other styles of contacts can be worn multiple times with proper cleaning. Contacts can also include a variety of tint to make it easier to find them or to increase visibility. 

The cost of contacts will depend on how many you buy and any additional features included with them. 

When you want to wear contacts it is important to consult your family eye care provider for advice on which type of contact lenses are right for you. There is a style out there for everyone.