Ever Wake Up with Crusty Eyes?

Have you ever got up in the morning to start your day and notice a crusty substance in the corner of your eyes? This discharge from our eyes has different causes in adults and children, especially in newborns. In adults, the most common reason for those “eye crusties” is simply that tiny pieces of matter, bits of bacteria (usually from makeup), oily skin, and other sources of dirt get into your eyes. Crusty eyes can also be a symptom of conjunctivitis (commonly known as pinkeye). If the crusty eyes are so severe it feels as if your eyes are glued shut, use a wet washcloth to gently rub the discharge off.

Using old contact lenses can also lead to discharge. With newborns, they typically get this type of discharge due to a blockage in their tear ducts, often occurring within their first few weeks after birth. These blocked tear ducts lead to this discharge on their eyes, and is simply tears that have pooled up instead of draining into their sinuses. Usually, blocked tear ducts will clear themselves. If you have any concerns about your eyes or have questions about eye care for kids, contact Pycraft Family Eye Care, your friendly Wooster family eye care professionals.