Do You Struggle with Seasonal Eye Allergies?

Summertime means fun activities in the outdoors like swimming, canoeing, playing sports, hiking, and anything you enjoy outside. But for many people, the summer months mean allergy season. If you suffer from chronic eye issues during allergy season, there are several eye care tips for the whole family to prepare and to limit the impact your allergies have on your eyes in the summer months. One way is to use artificial tear drops. There are several products today, dubbed artificial tears, in an eye drop form, that are aimed at adding moisture to your eyes in order to wash allergens (such as pollen) from them. These drops also provide a cooling relief if your eyes get dry during allergy season. Ask your eye doctor for advice on which products may be best for you.

Also, explore other allergy medications — either over the counter or prescriptions — that help minimize the effects your allergies have on you. There are many different kinds of medications that treat a variety of symptoms. So, consult with your physician for advice on which ones to try. During the summer it’s important to wash your clothes often and take plenty of showers. After you spent the afternoon in the garden or on a hike, it’s imperative you clean yourself and your clothes to get rid of any pollen or other allergens that may cause a reaction. And finally, avoid rubbing your eyes as often as you can during allergy season. Rubbing your eyes can lead to increased negative reactions to histamines in pollen that may be present on your hands. Try not to rub your eyes and also wash your hands to clean them from any pollen that may be on them.