Do You Struggle with Discomfort with Your Contact Lenses?

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Mon, 10/01/2018 - 9:00am
contact lenses

Millions of people wear contact lenses every day, most with little or no issues. But some people do in fact struggle with discomfort when wearing their contacts, leading to dramatically affecting their vision or needing to cease wearing contacts. 

There are numerous causes of discomfort while wearing contact lenses.

Issues can include an improper fit, incorrect positioning on the eye, allergies, makeup, or failing to adhere to the suggested wear time of your lenses. 

Certain medications, smoking and alcohol use, dust, debris, or extended computer use can also lead to discomfort. 

For as many ways as there are to experience discomfort, there are just as many ways to alleviate any discomfort you may feel when wearing your contacts. 

First, you should engage in regular cleaning of your contacts. Even the smallest speck of dust could affect the way your contacts fit. But remember to never re-use contact solution and to clean your lenses regularly. 

Try reducing your wear time of contacts. The longer you wear contacts each day, the most chances you have to feel discomfort while wearing them. You can also reduce the risk of getting dust, dirt, debris, or allergens in your eyes and possibly lead to additional discomfort. 

And if you experience discomfort with your contacts, try changing them or replacing your lenses entirely. 

Of course, if you continue to experience discomfort when you wear your contacts, consider visiting your family eye care professional.

If you are experiencing discomfort while you wear contacts, call Pycraft Family Eye Care today. As your Wooster family eye care professional, we are ready to help your eyes.