The Difference Between a School-Administered Eye Exam and a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Sat, 09/22/2018 - 9:00am
eye exam

You may have already received a notice from your child’s school regarding the results of their school-administered eye exam.

And while those exams are great tools in helping identify issues in your child’s vision, it’s important to remember they are vastly different exams from ones performed by your family eye care provider. School-administered vision screenings are indeed important. But their evaluation is limited and they cannot pick up on many common eye issues. 

For instance, school-administered tests do not test for visual acuity at near, an assessment of eye teaming, focusing skills from near to far, peripheral vision, or overall eye health.

They also do not test for early signs of various eye diseases. Comprehensive eye exams performed at your family eye care provider can detect these issues and others. Most And if your child is suffering from vision issues, it may explain poor grades, a disinterest in school, or even behavioral issues that have emerged. 

Roughly 80 percent of what is learned in the classroom is presented visually.

So being able to detect eye or vision issues early can help treat any problems that may arise in your child, and which could possibly affect their education. A school-administered eye exam for your child is a great first step towards pinpointing any vision issues. But if your child is still exhibiting behavioral issues or struggling in school, set up a comprehensive eye exam to alleviate the issue. 

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