Contact Lenses and Make Up Application

Submitted by Pycraft Family… on Mon, 10/21/2019 - 3:00pm
Makeup Application

And you thought the occasional poke in the eye with a mascara wand was bad... a new study in the industry journal Eye & Contact Lens: Science & Clinical Practice found that applying eyeliner to the periocular skin (ahead of the lash line) results in 15 to 30 percent more product particles on the surface of the eye, potentially blocking tear ducts and damaging the surface of the eye. 

What this Means for Contact-Wearers

If you wear contacts, you should always wash and dry before placing your contact lenses. Makeup, eyeliner, and mascara should only be applied after contact lenses are in place. But, there's also certain products you should avoid — especially if you experience chronic dry eyes, or what is commonly referred to as "dry eye syndrome."

  • Remove makeup before removing your contacts. Also, hands should be washed and dried before removing contact lenses.
  • Mascaras that tout their "lash-extending" properties should be avoided. The same is true for the waterproof varieties as these can stain soft contact lenses and are more difficult to wash away. 
  • Paste used for fake eyelashes should be kept away from the periocular skin (the inner area of the lashes, before the eye). 

Practice Good Ocular Hygiene

At Pycraft Family Eye Care, we have to remind patients that the less beauty products used around the eyes, the better. Eyeliner and mascara will only last a day, but eye injuries are often slow to heal (if they heal at all). 

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