Are Your Sunglasses Actually Protecting Your Eyes?

Winter is finally over and summertime is here. That means more time outside playing, doing yard work, swimming, visiting the beach or any other reason to get us outside.

But are you taking the proper precautions when it comes to protecting your eyesight? And specifically, are your sunglasses actually working when you wear them?

In order to properly protect against the sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays, you need to first and foremost wear sunglasses as often as possible. But also ensure your sunglasses are polarized or have anti-reflective lenses. Both of these options protect your eyes from at least 90 percent of the sun’s rays.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency warns that cataracts, skin cancer, and other vision issues can arise from long-term (and eve short-term) exposure to UV radiation.

Prescription or off-the-shelf sunglasses can offer the necessary protection from the sun’s powerful UV rays.

The next time you shop for sunglasses, make sure they are polarized or contain anti-reflective lenses by checking with the label or with your family eye care professionals to ensure your eyes are safe from the power of the sun.

And of course, even with a pair of sunglasses on your face it’s never advised you stare directly into the sun.