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Tips for Night Driving

Driving during night time hours poses additional challenges to commuters for a variety of reasons. Below are some tips from your Wooster family eye care team at Pycraft Family Eye Care.

Make sure to keep your windows clean in order to avoid glare and condensation, which can affect your ability to see at varying distances.

Proper eye care for adults — regular eye exams, proper eye wear — is of course paramount. By routinely checking in with your eye doctor, you can stay ahead of any issues you may have with darkness or color blindness.

The Benefits of Prescription Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a part of modern life and are easy enough to implement into your daily lifestyle to protect against the sun’s powerful rays and protect your eyes.

So why not consider prescription sunglasses?

If you have prescription sunglasses or wear contacts, there are plenty of benefits towards considering a set of prescription sunglasses when thinking of eye care for the whole family.

Everyday Eye Care

Proper eye care routines for the whole family can help preserve your eye sight and prevent eye problems.

Several everyday habits you may not think of can help address your family eye care needs.

One key habit to protecting your eyes and vision is to protect your hands. It may seem counter intuitive, but washing your hands frequently can help reduce bacteria that would otherwise get into your eyes, glass, or contacts due to all of the times your hands touch your eyes.

What to Expect at an Eye Exam

Family eye care encompasses a wide range of services and your regular eye exams make up a piece of that puzzle.

But what exactly does a comprehensive eye exam consist of, and what can you expect?

At eye specialists like Pycraft Family Eye Care doctors, a comprehensive eye exam is made up of exams to test the strength of your eyes and your eye sight.