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Here Are Great Tips for Keeping Good Vision Health

Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways for you to maintain good vision health at home. Several of these tips may seem obvious, but others not so much. The most obvious vision tips is to wear your glasses or contacts regularly and as prescribed. This may seem like a simple tip, yet your glasses or contacts can’t help you seem properly if you keep them on your dresser or don’t use them. Eat healthy, whole foods too. There are countless benefits towards eating fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, coupled with reducing processed junk food from your diet.

Tips for People Who Wear Contacts Daily!

Millions of people everyday wear contact lenses to improve their eyesight. Yet issues can arise if you do not use or wear your contacts properly, especially if you use daily disposable contact lenses.

Daily contacts are simply not designed to be worn more than once. Many consumers may try to wear them more than once, as a way of stretching their investment. But this practice can actually cause more harm to your eyes and increases the risk that bacteria will grow in your eyes.

Did You Know Smoking Can Put Your Eye Sight at Risk?

By now, all of us know the inherent dangers that can be caused by smoking cigarettes. But besides affecting our bodies in a variety of harmful ways, smoking can also affect our eye sight.

The toxic chemicals inside a cigarette affects our eyes on the outside immediately. Yet the full impact of smoking on our eye health and vision takes time to develop.

Smoking has been tied to multiple vision issues such as macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and even is a leading cause of blindness.

Are Your Sunglasses Actually Protecting Your Eyes?

Winter is finally over and summertime is here. That means more time outside playing, doing yard work, swimming, visiting the beach or any other reason to get us outside.

But are you taking the proper precautions when it comes to protecting your eyesight? And specifically, are your sunglasses actually working when you wear them?

Eye Drop: Prescription vs. Over-the-Counter

When it comes to eye care options for your family, eye drops have a vital role to play. They can help provide relief for itchy or dry eyes, as well as for times your eyes feel uncomfortable when wearing contacts.

But is it possible based on the symptoms you are experiencing you might be using the wrong eye drops? This question depends on when you should use prescription eye drops or over-the-counter eye drops.

Ever Wake Up with Crusty Eyes?

Have you ever got up in the morning to start your day and notice a crusty substance in the corner of your eyes? This discharge from our eyes has different causes in adults and children, especially in newborns. In adults, the most common reason for those “eye crusties” is simply that tiny pieces of matter, bits of bacteria (usually from makeup), oily skin, and other sources of dirt get into your eyes. Crusty eyes can also be a symptom of conjunctivitis (commonly known as pinkeye).

The History of Eye Glasses

Eye glasses today in modern society can be status symbols, signs of wealth or intelligence, or even worn purely as a fashion statement. But eye glasses have evolved over thousands of year dating back to ancient times. The first usage of eye glasses actually dates back to Italy in the 13th century, when eye glasses were developed. This evolution followed “reading stones” though which were developed roughly 200 years earlier. These reading stones were the first time lenses were used to magnify writing, but these stones were set on top of the manuscripts people were reading.

Giving Your Eyes Relief from Computer Strain

As office work becomes the norm and with computers a part of daily life, it can seem like every where you turn there are screens.


In this day and age screens may be a normal part of life at school, work, and home. But that doesn’t mean you can exercise proper habits for good eye care for the whole family.


There are several simple ways to exercise proper eye care for adults and for children. The easy ones are to keep proper lighting and reduce glare when possible.


Lighting and Eye Strain

“Turn on a light or you’ll hurt your eyes.”


You probably read that with your parents’ voices in your head. And while reading in dim light won’t damage your eyesight, it can lead to eye strain.


Eye strain is the result of performing any task that requires our eyes to focus in low or poor lighting. It’s an issue regarding eye care for the whole family, as people can suffer from eye strain working in an office setting where sitting in front of a computer is part of the job.